Explore Our Brands

We carry a variety of wild, sustainable, and all natural seafood products from around the world. Below is a list of our current brands. For more detailed information and pricing, please call us directly.

7 Fishes

Seven Fishes is our premium brand. Based on the family tradition of celebrating the holiday with the bounty of the seas, it carries our vision of a high quality specification that puts us ahead of our competition and in a position to positively impact the seafood industry as a whole. We labor to ensure the highest regard for taste, appearance, consistency, packaging and traceability. Each carton we sell is GS1 ready and properly labeled to comply with all regulations.

Nature's Seas

Nature's Seas embodies our passion to offer seafood in it’s purest form possible. By ensuring that no additives or preservatives are used, our Nature's Seas brand allows the well informed consumer to experience seafood the way nature intended it! Take it from our discriminating retail customers who made a choice to promote something far ahead of the competition: Nature’s Seas: natural seafood at its finest.