Seafood Business Integrity Pledge

Members of the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) have taken a pledge to stamp out economic fraud in the seafood industry. You can read the pledge below.

The seafood community provides American families one of the most beneficial food choices they can make. Our entrepreneurial spirit enables us to provide consumers a variety of products, nutritious, easy to prepare and delicious.

As an industry, we recognize that it is vital for our customers and consumers to trust our industry and we want to encourage them to be confident in our products.

As a leader in the seafood community, I am committed with my NFI peers in the industry to conduct myself and my business in an honest and trustworthy manner. My company’s commitment to my peers and customers is:

  • That our products are correctly labeled for weights and counts.
  • That our products are correctly labeled for identity and that species are not substituted in any manner.
  • That our products are correctly labeled for the country of origin.
  • That our products adhere to all other labeling laws.

I pledge to work with both my supply chain and customers to ensure they understand our company’s commitment to economic integrity.

In realizing that I have made this formal commitment with my NFI peers in the industry, I also commit that if my customers have documented and unresolved concerns about the economic integrity of our business practices, I will submit to and pay for an independent audit to ensure our company’s labeling practices are fair and lawful; and to provide confidence that my company is adhering to these industry principles of economic integrity.

Mark McCloskey President