Social and Environmental Responsibility

As a global seafood company, Liberty Seafood understands that everything we do has a direct impact on our global community and environment. For that reason, we have chosen to define and display our social and environmental practices below. We promise to implement these practices at all times, and encourage all other members of the seafood community to do the same.

Environmental Practices

There is a global perception that our planet's health is declining. Many in the seafood industry continue to operate with disregard for our planet, its animals, and its natural resources. As human beings, we all have a responsibility to protect the Earth and as seafood professionals that responsibility is even greater. It is up to us to ensure the health of our planet's aquatic life for future generations to come. Liberty Seafood promises to operate with environmental-conciousness in everything that we do, beginning with the practices outlined below.

As the world’s oceans continue to be overfished and polluted, we are more alert of the need of careful environmental planning, resource protection and preservation and humane treatment of the animals from the aquaculture sources we procure from.
Our goal is to procure all our products from suppliers who support sustainable catching and farming methods and have the assurance that they all maintain a responsible environmental policy.
We support all agendas which feature an implicit mandate to care for our natural world, its creatures and its future from our eco-friendly office building to the bio diesel used in fishing vessels that we buy from: We care, each of us and we share that with all those we meet.