Company Values

This page reflects our understanding as a new evolving global seafood company in 2014. The principles found here will be the basis for everything we do.

Liberty Seafood is a new exciting venture founded by seasoned seafood veterans dedicated to the new paradigm of carrying on integral business practice. That means simply that we honor our vendors and their employees, our customers and their employees, the products we buy and their effects on the environment and our own employees and their families as part of the foundation of human existence. We are all joined as one, each realizing our inter-dependence upon one another as well as on our collective effect on this planet.

Our goal is to provide a service to our partners in a spirit of the highest levels of integrity; therefore, our model is complete transparency. We believe in the standards of traceability and sustainability and hold these very precious.

The global seafood industry is unfortunately still marred by some negatives that won’t seem to go away: the process of selling short weight products, species substation in labeling, incomplete ingredient statements and a lack of regards for quality. Here at Liberty Seafood, we are firmly committed to striving to represent products as they are including accurate descriptions, species represented honestly, 100 % net weights and full and complete ingredient statements.

One of our initiatives is to build a dynamic for selling natural products. Our exciting new natural brand “Nature’s Seas” is representative of that effort to bring back seafood the way it’s supposed to be: unadulterated, tasty, and safe.